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Provider Search

This Provider Search program provides a listing of providers in the PSI Network. We currently have approximately 3000 Acute Care Facilities, 12,000 Ancillaries & 450,000 Physicians. This program lists those hospitals, physicians and additional healthcare service providers as of the last update.

The directory contains information on those providers that participate in the PSI provider Network and is for reference only. We make every effort to ensure that the most current and accurate data is posted on this site. Changes occur daily, however, and may not be reflected in the current directory.

Provider Select, Inc. does not guarantee that all services of the providers will be covered under your health plan.

Provider Select, Inc. does not quote benefits for any medical plans. You must consult your insurance company, Third Party Administrator or employer to determine what services are covered. Please consult your Benefit Identification Card to locate the appropriate phone number.

You should verify the network status of the provider before you call for an appointment.